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Cyber Clean Home & Office

Cyber Clean Home & Office

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Tillverkare: Cyber Clean
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This flexible material fights crumbs and germs on keyboards, on phones and even on the inside of PCs.

This flexible material absorbs dust and crumbs from every slot.
Easy to use: Just press on and pull off!
It also fights germs and bacteria.

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer? Do you even eat in front of it? Then you should think about the best way to clean your keyboard, because it is certainly full of dust and crumbs.
Therefore, we're already offering you the USB Vacuum Cleaner, but the new Cyber Clean is even more hygienic!

Along with crumbs and dirt, germs and bacteria also accrue on keyboards and other electronic devices. Cyber Clean fights both!
Just press it onto your keyboard, phone or remote control, wait a short time, and pull it off. The flexible material adjusts to the shape of the device, reaching into every slot. Dust and crumbs are absorbed and hidden inside the material.
After this short procedure your device doesn't just look clean – nearly all germs and bacteria are eliminated, because Cyber Clean is a disinfectant!

Cyber Clean feels a little wet, but it's not sticky. You can use it on all electronic devices, and even inside your PC.
The packaging and product video might remind you of American cleaning agents, but Cyber Clean is actually produced by a Swiss Company that has patented its product and provided lists of studies proving its effectiveness.
Cyber Clean is reusable! An indicator on the can shows you, when it's time to get a new one, but until then it will clean many, many things for you.

So, if you want not only clean devices but something that handles germs, Cyber Clean is the right thing for you!

Color: Yellow
Scent: Lemon
Package: Pop up cup, 145 grs.
Dimensions: Can: 9x6,5cm.

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