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Delock USB cable 2 mm female > 2.54 mm male

Delock USB cable 2 mm female > 2.54 mm male

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Tillverkare: Delock
Tillverkarens modellnummer: 41781


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This Delock adapter cable can be used on an internal USB pin header with 2.0mm pitch to adapt it to the standard size of 2.54 mm pitch.
It provides the possibility to connect and to use a standard internal USB device with a standard pin header.

• Internal connection: 1 x USB female 2.0 mm
                                       1 x USB male 2.54 mm
• For VIA mainboards of the SN-, VB-, Pico and Nano-series
  and misc. MSI mainboards with 2.0 mm pitch pin header
• Cable length: ca. 12,8 cm (completely)
                            ca. 10 cm (without connector)

System requirements
• One free USB port internal with 2.0 mm pitch

Package content
• USB cable

• Poly bag

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