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KUL ES-87 mekaniskt tangentbord - amerikansk layout utan numerisk del - MX blue - Mörkgrå tangenter med gulvita tecken

KUL ES-87 mekaniskt tangentbord - amerikansk layout utan numerisk del - MX blue - Mörkgrå tangenter med gulvita tecken

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Artikelnummer: 57812

Tillverkare: Keyed Up Labs
Tillverkarens modellnummer: ES87U-CE-SSS-AL


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Now this is a high end keyboard!

Meticulously designed from the ground up to have the utmost reliability and a clean minimalistic look; the Keyed Up Labs ES-87 keyboard's rigid construction uniquely maximizes the tactility and durability of authentic Cherry MX mechanical key switches while offering features and modern styling that appeals to power users and professionals. Whether you're a serious writer, a competitive gamer, or a jack of all trades; you can depend on the KUL ES-87.

Also, the reduced "Tenkeyless" layout of the ES-87 embraces a new-ergonomic standard by dispensing with the often unused tenkeypad and allowing operation of a pointing device nearer to the body; thereby reducing shoulder strain. Multi-OS compatibility along with modern styling and unique color options make the ES-87 an inspiring and competent addition to any home or office workstation.

Distinctive Characteristics

Extra-rigid construction in a class of its own with a thick steel key switch backplate and a sleek low-profile case sets this mechanical keyboard above the rest. Clean logo-less design and so many features that exude quality...
  • Configurability - with seven DIP Switch options allow for customized OS, common programming, and gaming mode configurations.
  • Convenience - thru swappable Caps Lock & Left Control, Esc & Tilde, and Backspace & Backslash keys. Extra keycaps and key puller included.
  • Extra Power - Diamond Meta keys that work the same as Windows keys and double as KUL Power Mode keys.
  • Rock Solid Design - 3-way cable routing and three pairs of seriously grippy foot pads and beefy, grippy fold-out feet.
  • Multimedia Friendly - Easily accessible media keys and full N-key Rollover with USB and PS/2 interfaces.
  • Choice in switches and colors

    The KUL ES-87 comes with MX switches according to suit any preference or application.
    With colors there are four areas: Top case, Bottom, Keycaps, Legends.
    This specific model (ES87U-CE-SSS-AL) has MX Blue switches and the colors are all Smoke + Golden legends.

    Technical data

    Layout:  "Tenkeyless" 87-key US ANSI layout w/US English legends.
    Key Switches: Authentic Cherry MX Switches w/4mm keystroke and Gold-Silver (AuAg10) contacts; rated up to 50 million keypresses.
    OS Support: MS Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux/Unix Compatible.
    Electrical Interface: USB 1.1 Low Speed and PS/2 with included passive interface.
    Cable: Detachable 2.0m A to Mini-B USB cable.
    Dim/Weight: 364 x 144 x 37 mm (50 mm with feet down) / 1.0 kg (1.6 kg with packaging).
    Keycaps: ABS keycaps with lasered legends; key-pitch 19.05mm.
    Illumination: Low Intensity Blue LEDs on Caps Lock, Left Ctrl, Esc, and Scroll Lock keys.
    Power Requirements: 150mW (5V @ 30mA).
    Certifications: CE & FCC.
    Warranty / Origin: 2 years parts and labor / Made in Taiwan.

    What's in the box?

    1. ES-87 Keyboard
    2. USB Cable
    3. Passive PS/2 Adapter
    4. Reusable PET Keyboard Cover
    5. Keycap Pulling Tool
    6. Additional Keycaps: Esc, Caps Lock, Left Ctrl, Backspace, and Backslash
    7. Operation Manual

    Tillverkarens produktblad

    Informationsblad KUL_ES-87_Datasheet_Public_Rev1.pdf
    Informationsblad ES-87_English_Manual_v1.2.pdf