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KUL ES-87 Top Case - Sapphire Blue

KUL ES-87 Top Case - Sapphire Blue

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Artikelnummer: 57815

Tillverkare: Keyed Up Labs
Tillverkarens modellnummer: ES87-TOPCASE-U


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Replacement top case for KUL ES87 keyboards.

Available in several colors. This is the "Sapphire Blue" color.

Color and Class

These colorful replacement top cases are designed specifically for the KUL ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard. Manufactured to Keyed Up Labs exacting quality requirements, they're available in several carefully selected shades in order to bring a little bit of color and class to your working or playing environment!

Special note on the color: The non-white colors are made with a metalized plastic mixture (no paint!) and will exhibit some color shifting and swirling effects depending on the direction of ambient light.

Installation Help

Some dis-assembly of your ES-87 is required, but only a screwdriver and a few minutes of time should be necessary. This will not void your warranty! For more information, please visit

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