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Das Keyboard 4 Root, Professional Nordic (SE/FI/NO/DK) layout, MX Brown "Soft Tactile"

Das Keyboard 4 Root, Professional Nordic (SE/FI/NO/DK) layout, MX Brown "Soft Tactile"

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Tillverkare: Das Keyboard
Tillverkarens modellnummer: DKPKDK4P0MNS0NOX


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Das Keyboard 4 Root är en variant av Das Keyboard 4 Professional, med textilklädd kabel och USB 2.0-hubb.
Denna utgåva har Cherry MX Brown-brytare vilket Das Keyboard kallar "Soft Tactile", och Nordisk (Svensk, Norsk, Finsk, Dansk) layout med 105 st tangenter med laser-etsade tecken.

Mechanical high-quality key switches with N-Key rollover
Das Keyboard has been designed for people who spend many hours a day working on a computer and for whom typing productivity and comfort does matter.
Das Keyboard 4 Root comes with high-performance, gold-plated, mechanical key switches, manufactured & designed by the German company Cherry. The keys compare to the legendary IBM model M by providing a tactile click that makes typing pure joy.
This "Tactile Soft" model (with MX Brown switches) has a soft click sound and requires a slightly lighter force (when pressing the keys down) compared to the "Clicky" model.
Das Keyboard 4 Root supports full n-key rollover (NKRO). Just press shift + mute to toggle NKRO. Great for fast typists and gamers alike.

Top design and Nordic (Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish) layout
Das Keyboard 4 Root is the perfect gadget to cause amazed looks of your colleagues. The design is a black, modern & sleek, with an aluminium top panel. The keys are black with laser etched symbols.
This version has a 105-key Nordic (Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish) layout with two windows-buttons (command buttons on Mac).

Soft Tactile, with Cherry Mx Brown switches
The soft pressure point MX Brown switch technology makes the keyboard a little less clicky while still providing an awesome tactile experience. Perfect for those seeking the benefits of a mechanical keyboard who prefer a softer audible response.

Media controls, footbar & USB 2.0 hub
The 2-ports USB 2.0 hub, on the back of the keyboard, allows for syncing and charging or simply for connecting your mouse.
A footbar raises the angle of the keyboard to an optimal 4-degrees, but it is magnetically detachable and can be used as a precise ruler.
Das Keyboard 4 also comes with dedicated media controls in the upper right side of the keyboard:
- Mute, play/pause, next track and previous track buttons.
- Volume knob.
- Sleep button.

Technical data
- Switches: Cherry MX Brown.
- Layout: Nordic (Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish). (Laser etched keys).
- Cable length: 2 m (6,6 foot). Braided cable.
- Weight: 1,31 kg
- Width: 458 mm.
- Depth: 172 mm.
- Height: 20-31 mm
- Software: No driver needed.
- Magnetically detachable footbar.
- Connects via USB 2.0 (Your computers USB 3,0 ports works fine).
- 2-ports USB 2.0 hub.
- Outer materials: Sturdy plastics and aluminium. Black thermoplastic key caps.
- Storage temperature: -40°C to 60°C.
- Operating temperature: 0°C to over 50°C.
- Operating humidity: 20% to 90%.

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