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FYNDVARA: Cyber Clean Car

FYNDVARA: Cyber Clean Car

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Artikelnummer: 76564

Tillverkare: Cyber Clean
Tillverkarens modellnummer: 46211


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FYNDVARA: bäst före april 2018

Ordinarie produkt:

A flexible mass that cleans and desinfects devices and surfaces in cars and boats.

This flexible material designed for cars and boats absorbs dust and crumbs from every nook and cranny.
It fights germs and bacteria.
Easy to use: Simply press on and pull off!
According to a study from Queen Mary University, London, the steering wheels of car drivers in London accumulate about nine times as much bacteria as public toilets! Ew!!

But now with Cyber ​​Clean Car your life will be a whole lot cleaner! The Cyber ​​Clean mass not only removes dust and such, but also acts as a disinfectant, so bacteria don't breed and your steering wheel is safe!

The blue mass is stored in a re-sealable box that fits easily into the glove compartment and so is always at hand when needed. Simply knead Cyber Clean with your hands before you use it and then press it (do not wipe) on the surfaces to clean them. Dust and other small particles of dirt will be enclosed in Cyber ​​Clean.

Cyber ​​Clean leaves no residue and can be used on all devices and surfaces. A colour indicator on the packaging indicates when it should be changed.

This blue Cyber ​​Clean is designed for cars and boats. For keyboards and other everyday items, we recommend the normal Cyber ​​Clean for your home.
The difference is in the color, scent and inte the consistency: The Cyber Clean Car has a bit higher viscosity (thicker) than the Home&Office version as the cavities in home and office appliances often are smaller than the ones in cars dashboards.
Color: Blue
Scent: Fresh Mint
Package: Pop up cup, 145 grs.
Dimensions: Can: 9x6,5cm.